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What we do.

TeleChoice specializes in helping innovators create and refine their business and market strategy, develop go-to-market plans, and enhance/review offers throughout the product lifecycle. Over 80% of our business each year is from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. Our work typically falls into the following areas: (Click for details on each.)

Business Strategy
Market Strategy
Marketing Implementation and Acceleration Programs
Advisory Services
MADCAP (Model for Advanced Capital Planning)

We work with you to determine the best process to meet your consulting engagement goals, timeframes, budget, and other constraints. Depending on the aforementioned factors, our work process may take one of the following forms:

  • Project. A project uses in-depth processes, including primary and/or secondary research, validations, and ongoing interactions between you and the TeleChoice team. The goals, methodology, deliverables, project team, timeline, and costs define the project. Projects can last a few days to a few months, depending on the scope of work.

  • Lab. This highly focused, intense multi-day session (typically 1.5 to 3 days) helps the executive team drive to a consensus quickly. The team is forced to evaluate, debate, and ultimately choose the best decision(s) for your company. Half the value is in finding the right answer, the other half is in looking deeply at wrong answers and having the whole team agree on why they are wrong. This well-proven process uncovers and distills the key options and shapes team consensus and depth of understanding around these choices. The final outcome is selected only after looking at the alternatives over time and considering a number of key criteria.

  • Review. Reviews provide an excellent way for companies that have done most of the work on their own to use TeleChoice as a sounding board. We become a test track to obtain validations, feedback, and recommendations for improvement. Review work may last a few hours to several days.
With the exception of our Advisory and Retainer Services, our lab, project, and review work are performed on a fixed-fee basis to eliminate client risk. Before we start on any engagement, we agree with you in writing on the total cost, the deliverable, and the time frame.

Does your company show these seven signs of success?

1.   Do you have a unique and defensible business strategy that adheres to the vision and passion of the core team and the company's core competency?

OR, do you fall into one of the following buckets?
  • Kitchen Sinkers. Suffering from “goodness overload,” Kitchen Sinkers see many opportunities for growth and all look equally appealing. The “strategy” is really many strategies in one, but the business cannot be the best in all the different but related areas. For example: “We're all about smarter, faster, and simpler networks for helping service providers rapidly launch value-added services.” Decision-making is stressful and often slow because of the amount of debate, and you don't know a bad decision from a good one until it's too late.
  • Rat Holers. Rat Holers mistake a product or market strategy for the business strategy. The long-term growth and the goal of the business are extremely limited. When market conditions change, it's hard to know what to do next. Rat Holers often become Kitchen Sinkers until the next Rat Hole is identified. For example: “We're all about helping service providers launch VPN services” or “We're a Gig-E provider.” Decision-making is stressful and often slow because of a lack of clear criteria for the direction of growth.
  • Backseat Drivers. In this case a founder or executive does have a unique and defensible strategy, but it is continually challenged by others in the firm. The lack of consensus causes slow and painful decision-making.
2.   Do you and others in the company clearly understand, and can you rapidly explain, the relationship between your first product and your ultimate business goal, including the direction of growth after the first product set?

3.   Can you demonstrate one or more areas in which you provide a defensible order of magnitude improvement important to the decision-makers in your target market(s)? (Defensibility is as important here as the 10x improvement.)

4.   Can all employees describe what the company is all about in one simple sentence and tell you why it is important in less than five minutes? (Or do you need 45 minutes and a presentation or whiteboard before you even begin to get your unique differentiation across to people?)

5.   Can the company show its differentiation and positioning in one compelling picture? Does the picture capture and reflect the order of magnitude improvements that are defensible?

6.   Does the initial offering address a current, well-understood pain in the target market (sales) while offering longer-term potential for dramatic change or opportunity (marketing)? Does your team understand the differences between sales and marketing and how to leverage each?

7.   Do customers and analysts clearly understand the unique differentiation, and can they explain your value in a short and concise statement that accurately reflects the vision and purpose of the company?

If you don't see these signs of success at your company, take a look at our Business Strategy Lab. We can help you create focused and defensible business strategies to develop the Seven Signs of Success.



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