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TeleChoice Analysis: TeleChoice has published numerous books and white papers that focus on the information needs of service providers, and new categories of technologies and solutions. Additionally, several TeleChoice executives contribute articles in leading business and industry publications.

TeleChoice - TeleSparks

On occasion, we will share with our friends throughout the industry our views on major events and issues in the telecom industry.
We will use TeleSparks as the primary vehicle for sharing these (usually highly opinionated) views and we welcome your feedback.

TeleSparks is authored by Danny Briere, TeleChoice Chief ExecutiveOfficer, with input from others throughout the TeleChoice organization.

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TeleSparks Archive

Introducing - TeleSparks Volume I


The TeleChoice Take


We believe that, if approved, GX's proposed plan could cause horrible
repercussions throughout the industry for years

The News

On January 28, Global Crossing (GX) declared bankruptcy. This wasn't a
surprise; it had been expected for some time. The company simultaneously
announced a plan for exiting from bankruptcy after restructuring its
balance sheet. 



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