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TeleChoice experts are sought after for their experience in launching new innovations, their relationships with the major movers and shakers in the industry, and the ability to provide actionable, solid tactical and strategic advice to clients as they move along the product and corporate lifecycle. TeleChoice has designed two programs -- a retainer program as well as an advisory board participation program -- that are designed to provide ongoing access to TeleChoice's expertise across the range of business, market and product issues.

TeleChoice experts sit on the advisory boards of some of the most exciting startups in telecom, and have been a part of some of the biggest successes in the industry. At this time, TeleChoice is participating in more than 30 such ventures, alongside some of the leading venture capital players in the industry -- who view us as 'intellectual venture capitalists' of sorts, since we're adding in our brain capital. For more information on TeleChoice's retainer and advisory services, email us.




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