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Who hires TeleChoice.

TeleChoice focuses on the communications and networking industry working with leading innovators at new and established companies around the world.

Service Providers value both the strategic advice as well as the hands-on expertise of TeleChoice consultants in defining and launching new business ventures and new services. TeleChoice has worked with service providers in North and South America, Asia and Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Caribbean.

Technology and Software Vendors value our understanding of the public network and of service provider issues. TeleChoice is the only industry consulting firm that focuses its business on helping clients create unique, defensible business and market strategies. TeleChoice delivers the associated tactics to gain rapid market acceptance with target customers.

Investors value our practical insight when evaluating new investments and our ability to help each portfolio company focus on the order of magnitude improvements that will most define its unique differentiation and value to potential customers.

TeleChoice is a custom consulting firm, so each engagement is unique.

For example, TeleChoice works with its clients to:

develop succinct and compelling business strategies to determine the direction of growth, opportunities to pursue and avoid, markets to enter, and companies with which to partner or acquire.

create successfully differentiated and compelling market strategies, messages, products/services, and effective tactics to enter new markets.

model new businesses or create interactive tools to demonstrate new revenues or savings to potential customers.

ready the strategy, message, and management team to present a compelling and defensible strategy to existing or potential investors, Wall Street analysts, and industry analysts.

gain insight into the trends that will shape new opportunities and threats in the industry, and the realities that will shape business and market strategies to address each.

and more.....



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